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2nd Penrith: Subscriptions

The Group's income is generated through a combination of subscriptions paid by young people and fundraising. In order to remain financially viable, subscriptions are charged to ensure we cover the cost of running the group. Fundraising helps towards affording for equipment, group development projects and supplementing activities.

How much are subs?

This amount is reviewed at the end of each the financial year. If there is to be a change in the amount, at least 1 months notice should be given.

How to pay subs

They can be paid by

  • Monthly direct debit, via GoCardless & Online Scout Manager

The preferred method is by Online Payment, as it means leaders do not have to deal with payments. This means they can spend more time providing fun & adventure to our young people. It makes life easier for you, as you no longer have to worry about writing cheques or finding cash each term!

Paying by Online Payment:

  • You should get an email, asking you to sign up to online payments when you join the group
  • If you do not get the email, then contact us.
  • Alternatively, if you log on to My.SCOUT, select the Payments tab, and set up a subscription there.

Gift Aid

Gift Aid is a simple government initiative, which allows the group to increase the value of your donations at no extra cost to you. For every pound given we can get an extra 25 pence from HM Revenue and Customs, helping your donations go further. This will really help the group’s finances.

Please fill in the Gift Aid Form and return it to us. If you are paying online, Subscriptions can be automatically Gift Aided if you select the option when signing up.

How are subs spent?


  • 1/3 is paid to The Scout Association Headquarters and Eden District Scouts. This is to pay for national administration, personal insurance for members, leader support, resources and training.
  • 1/3 goes towards group running costs: Utility bills, building insurance, maintenance, group equipment/supplies
  • 1/3 goes towards paying for or supplementing section activities, resources and badges.

Having problems paying?

It is the policy of 2nd Penrith Scout Group that no one should be excluded from Scouting on financial grounds. There are options to help, if you feel that this would be beneficial to you, please see our Financial Inclusion Information.