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This page was updated on: 06 August 2020.

All face-to-face Scout meetings, activities and events were suspended from Tuesday, 17 March 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are now making plans to return to face-to-face Scouting safely, and in a staged manner.

Unless approved by the district team, face-to-face meetings, including youth member meetings and adult meetings, are suspended.

You can find out the status of individual groups on our group readiness page.

We will continue to follow official guidance; the safety of everyone involved in Scouts, both young people and adults, is our number one priority. That is always at the heart of our decision making.

Letter to Parents: Return to Face-to-Face Scouting

This letter explains our approach to returning to Scouts safely: Parents Restart Letter 1

Member Resources and Guidance


Quick Reference Guide

A simple guide to returning to face-to-face Scouting, giving you an overview of the process, along with links to further details.

Readiness Level
Group Status Information

Current Eden District Readiness Status: RED/AMBER

Templates & Resources

Templates and resources to help you with risk assessments, action plans and activity planning. Remember there are also the Scouting At Home resources to help you with programme planning.

Guidance for Group/Units

Groups and Districts must follow UK Government and UK Scouts guidance; and, where possible, should continue to support young people to engage in our programme, safely, remotely.

Disclosure ID Checking (DBS)

At the RED readiness level, from 6th July, meeting a volunteer to check their ID for completing a disclosure is the ONLY permitted face-to-face activity in Scouting. This ideally should still be done remotely where possible, and if face-to-face, must adhere to current government guidelines.

Find out more here

Child's Guide to Coronavirus

The Childrens Commissioner has developed a useful guide that parents can go through with their child, to explain the current outbreak and approach any worries they might have. Download it here.

Membership Subscriptions

While Scouts isn't meeting face to face (to keep everyone safe) it's more important than ever to make sure that we can continue into the future. Groups and Districts have fixed costs, which they have to pay, whether we're meeting face to face or not.

Subscriptions charged by Groups covers membership fees to support local and national services, which includes volunteer training and support, insurances, safeguarding, legal protection, and the development and support of our programme; as well as the running costs of each Group (some of which are fixed). We know that we will still be required to pay membership fees and are all working hard to reduce running costs, where possible.

We’re all dealing with extraordinary circumstances and we know that parents and carers of our members may be facing financial challenges of their own. However, we would ask that parent and carers give thought to the level at which they feel able to continue to financially support their Group during this period. Individual groups should also be assessing their financial position, to cater any subscription requests to the fixed costs they have to meet.

If parents and carers feel able to continue to pay membership subscriptions for each young person, we would be very grateful. It will mean that we can still be here ready to welcome their children back when the crisis passes.

If parents and carers are in a difficult position, please let your Group leadership teams know, as we do not wish to cause any further financial hardship; and would want to discuss this with you.

We’re still working to support all our members, at home to continue learning skills. Take a look at to take part in activities, as well as, which is a collection of over 100 fun activities to help them have fun and keep learning.

Supporting Local Communities

Throughout our history, Scouts have helped other people and supported their communities in times of crisis.

Find out how you can play your part by supporting young people and the community during the coronavirus crisis.

Remote Executive Committee Meetings

In relation to Executive Committees meeting remotely; UK Scouts have approved an amendment to the standard constitutions in POR which allows meetings to be held remotely. It also allows decisions to be made electronically. The wording is as follows:

  • Electronic voting (such as email) is allowed for decision making of the County/District/Group Executive Committee and its sub-Committees when deemed appropriate by the Chair. In such instances at least 75% of committee members must approve the decision.
  • The County/District/Group Executive Committee & its sub-Committees can meet by telephone conference, video conference as well as face to face in order to discharge its responsibilities when agreed by the appropriate Chair.

Charity Commission Guidance on AGMs

In relation to Charity AGMs, Coronavirus is having a major impact on charity events and the Government’s health advice may lead to some charities having no choice but to decide to cancel or postpone their AGMs and other critical meetings.

If as Trustees, you decide it is necessary to do so, you should record this decision to demonstrate good governance of your charity. This is particularly important if it is not possible to hold your AGM which may make it difficult for you to finalise your annual reports and accounts.

We advise that you consider running your AGM as an online meeting; but it is a decision of the Trustees of each charity.

Wherever possible, the Charity Commission ask you to try to get your annual reports to them on time. If this is not going to be possible, they should be contacted on 0300 066 9197.

Current UK Advice - COVID19

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