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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Scouting will return to face-to-face activities, and in a staged manner, based on recommendations from The Scout Association and National Youth Association.

You can find out the status of individual groups on our group readiness page.

As lockdown measures start to ease, UK Scouts are working with youth sector partners and the National Youth Agency government body to determine what a safe return to face to face Scouts looks like when the readiness level reduces from red. There is no rush - please work through this in a timeframe that works for you.

Our framework defines our readiness levels as:

Red: Rate of infection is remaining consistent or growing.
Amber: Rate of infection is reducing consistently in all parts of the country.
Yellow: Number of cases low and decreasing, full Track and Trace system in place.
Green: No new cases or a vaccine is readily available.

Details of which activities can take place at each readiness level.

Information for Parents

Guidance for parents about how your local Group may be approaching their Scouts activities

Quick Guide to
Returning to Face-to-Face Scouting

A simple guide to returning to face-to-face Scouting, giving you an overview of the process, along with links to further details.

The Scouts HQ: Information Hub

The Scouts have collated national resources and guidance in one place for returning to Scouting safely in line with the COVID-19 pandemic. This is a good place to start when planning yur return to Scouting. Our Eden specific guidance can be found above.

Readiness Level

Eden District Readiness Status:

At Green Level:

Face-to-face meetings of young people and leaders/adults can take place outdoors and indoors. Residential activities may take place.

  • All non-residential activities (including young people, Scout Network and adult only groups): No limit on group size, although all activities must be able to safely manage the risk of transmission of COVID and, if this is not possible, they must not take place.
  • Outdoor activities are still encouraged.
  • In poorly ventilated locations social distancing and face coverings are recommended (note any requirements by facilities and external providers must be followed). 
  • Adult activities should follow the current Government guidance.
  • Residential activities: Nights away activities may take place, more details in the planning COVID-safe Nights Away in 2021 guidance

Templates, Guidelines & Resources

Templates and resources to help you with risk assessments, action plans and activity planning. Remember there are also the Scouting At Home resources to help you with programme planning.

Leaders Virtual Scouting Resources

Templates and resources to help you with Virtual Scouting

Current UK Advice

Please use the buttons below to navigate to all the relevant advice and information regarding COVID19/Coronavirus.