The Executive Committee supports the Group Scout Leader/District Commisioner and ensures the effective administration of the Scout Group.District.

It is responsible for:

  • Maintenance of property and equipment
  • Raising of funds and the administration of finance
  • Insurance of persons, property and equipment
  • Public occasions – and ensuring the Group/District is well regarded in public
  • Assisting with the recruitment of leaders and other adult support
  • Establish any sub-Committees which may be required
  • The appointment of co-opted Executive Members, Administrators and Advisers.

All members of the Group Exec. are volunteers, most are parents (or ex-parents) of young people in the group/district. They keep the Scouting running smoothly behind the scenes – without them the group could not exist. We encourage all parents to attend the quarterly meetings, as you can make a real difference to your child’s experience of scouting!