Coronavirus Information: We are currently in the YELLOW Readiness Level, which means limited group sessions and residential activities can take place. For the latest updates, please check out our dedicated page by clicking here.

Quick Guide to returning to face-to-face Scouting

This guide summarises the main steps in preparing for the safe return to face-to-face Scouting. Click on each step to get more detailed information.

Work with other leaders and your Group Scout Leader to understand the framework. See the full framework here.
Know where to check Eden's readiness status, along with directing parents to them to view risk assessments.

Keep up-to-date with the latest from The Scout Association and Eden District: The Scouts COVID Info Hub  &

Develop written risk assessments for the safe return of face-to-face scouting, based on the readiness level. We recommend you do this jointly with other section leaders and your Group Scout Leader. A risk assessment will be required for each section, and each environment you wish to meet in. They should also be reviewed on a monthly basis, to make any changes or improvements.

More information on Action plans and COVID-safe Risk Assessment

One you have completed your risk assessments, submit your approval request using the nation approvals system. You can submit all of your risk assessments at once, or as you go along with each change in readiness level. For example, Group Scout Leaders could submit Beavers, Cubs and Scout risk assessments together for the Amber level etc.

You can find more guidance and the submission form here


Once your request has been reviewed, you will receive an acknowledgement to inform you as to whether your request has been approved or rejected, as well as guidance on any necessary actions.

Once approved ensure you implement the actions specified in your risk assessments. Ensure you communicate with, and get the support of, your section teams and parents / carers.

Your risk assessment will be uploaded to the Eden Scouts website, to allow parents/carers to view it, and provide feedback.

Review your risk assessments regularly and implement changes as necessary.

If you make any changes, you will be required to submit a new approval request (as in step 3). This will also be required as we move through the readiness levels.