​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​All volunteers are obliged to complete some training when they join the Scout Association. The amount of training required varies depending on the role being under taken by the volunteer. Our training scheme is based on a modular scheme, with each module designed to cover specific competences or skills. This makes the training easy to do, in bite-sized chunks!

Prior learning by our volunteers is taken into account, and can count towards modules. There is a training matrix, which identifies the modules required for each type of role in Scouting. Our volunteers are required to validate the training, which means they have to demonstrate they have the skills required for each module.

After completing your adult training, you will be awarded a Wood Badge as a mark of your achievement!

There is also an opportunity for our volunteers to gain a formal Level 2 Award in either Providing Voluntary Youth Services (for Section Leaders) or Managing Voluntary Youth Services (for Managers and Supporters) while completing the Scout training, which enhances the volunteers CV and enables them to use the skills they have learnt in the work place.

All new volunteers should read the Adult’s Personal File for more information on Scouting and the training scheme. Resources for each module can be found here, and on the Getting Started and Ongoing Training pages.

There are some modules that all volunteers are obliged to complete within the first few months of volunteering, which are known as our getting started modules.

You will be given a Training Adviser to help support you through your training, and help fit your learning around your role and lifestyle.

Your Training Advisor will meet up with you approximately once every 4-6 months to discuss your progress, validate modules and plan the next steps.

Modules are validated through looking at evidence, discussions and demonstrations to them. You can submit evidence at one-to-one meetings, through email, post or phone. Previous experience is taken into account, so you won't have to repeat things either!

Find out about your learning modules here

Our Training Matrix lists all the modules, aims of each module and the training resources available. The key indicates which modules you are required to do to complete your training. Your training adviser will be able to go through each of these with you.

Once you have completed your wood badge (appointment qualification) you should complete 5 hours of ongoing learning each year. This could be anything from learning to tie a new knot, to completing an online course in admin!

There are also some mandatory ongoing learning tasks before every appointment review (3 years):-

  • Emergency Aid
  • Safeguarding Awareness
  • Safety Awareness