Coronavirus Information: We are currently in the GREEN Readiness Level, which means group sessions and residential activities can take place. For the latest updates, please check out our dedicated page by clicking here.

At Green Level:

  • Leaders should ensure that meetings keep to safeguarding requirements (no 1-to-1 situations with young people)
  • You can hold section meetings and events, subject to normal approvals

What this means:

At Green Level:

Face-to-face meetings of young people and leaders/adults can take place outdoors and indoors. Residential activities may take place.

  • All non-residential activities (including young people, Scout Network and adult only groups): No limit on group size, although all activities must be able to safely manage the risk of transmission of COVID and, if this is not possible, they must not take place.
  • Outdoor activities are still encouraged.
  • In poorly ventilated locations social distancing and face coverings are recommended (note any requirements by facilities and external providers must be followed). 
  • Adult activities should follow the current Government guidance.
  • Residential activities: Nights away activities may take place, more details in the planning COVID-safe Nights Away in 2021 guidance

Face Coverings:

  • Whilst not a legal requirement it is recommended that adults wear face coverings indoors (or if they are within 2 metres of another person), unless they are leading an activity.
  • We also recommend Scouts and Explorers wear face coverings indoors, including when using toilet facilities.

Guidance on COVID Risk Assessments:

When moving from one level to another if the COVID-safe controls you MUST review your COVID risk assessment, and ensure it is agreed with your Group Scout Leader and Group Executive.

Nights Away Approval Process:

We are changing the COVID-safe approval process for nights away. Camps or Residentials taking place must have covid hazards and controls included within the event risk assessment which is submitted along with the Nights Away Notification Form. This will be checked by someone within the District and like any overnight event requires DC approval. Those organising camps or residentials MUST show how they comply with current guidance on numbers, social distancing and safe use of accommodation and sleeping areas.


Readiness Level

This means

Maximum Group Size

Adult-only Meetings (all groups/units), including Leaders & Network.

Face-to-face indoor and outdoor activity, meetings and residential activities permitted, subject to green-level guidance.

Follow current government guidance

All Eden Scout Groups and Explorer Units.

Face-to-face indoor and outdoor activity, meetings and residential activities permitted, subject to green-level guidance.

No limit