Step 6: Regular Review

Review your risk assessments regularly and implement changes as necessary.

If you make any changes, you will be required to submit a new approval request (as in step 3). This will also be required as we move through the readiness levels.

Please ensure you keep up-to-date with the Readiness level, along with keeping in regular contact with your line manager.

Once you’re up and running - We know things can change very quickly which is why it's important to review and evaluate the safety of your group regularly. It is important to work with your leadership team to review any current plans and to work towards moving to the next readiness level if safe to do so.  

Reviewing your Risk Assessment - As with any risk assessment you will need to dynamically review (keep reviewing) the situation as things change. If significant new risks are identified and added to the risk assessment this will need to be submitted for reapproval.

If existing risks are updated the risk assessment should not require reapproval, this would be things such as changes in the maximum number of people present, changes in arrival procedures and hygiene arrangements. Examples of new risks would include meeting in a different environment, moving to meet indoors, introducing overnight / residential activities. These items will need to be added to the existing risk assessment or raised as a new risk assessment document and submitted for approval.