Welcome to Eden District Scouting at Home Portal!

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, we are having to think up new and different ways to be able to continue Scouting. So in Eden, we have set up a Scouting at Home portal, to help support leaders and young people to continue Scouting during this challenging time!

Eden Section Portals

Select your section to see activities that young people can do at home. Once you complete the activities, just send some evidence to your leaders so they can tick off the badge requirements. Just click your section to get started:

Microsoft Teams

If your group uses this, you can log in to your 'Virtual Scout Hall'. Here you can chat to other members of your section, post ideas and complete activities. 

We will also use this portal for virtual section meetings.

Virtual Badge Completion

If you are not able to use Badges at Home from Online Scout Manager, or are looking for something to complement it, then you can sign your group up to Badges at Home, by Basingstoke Scouts. 

Scout Manager

Badges & Activities to do at Home

Leaders Pages

Leaders at Home:
Support Page

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