I hope you are all well, and managing OK given the current coronavirus pandemic and changes in the way we are living currently. We will be adding elements over the next few weeks, but essentially we will aim to continue Scouting in the following ways:

  • Enable young people to carry on completing activities and badgework
  • Meet up for 'virtual' section meetings
  • Taking part in District activities

This page will help to support you in delivering Scouting at Home, along with some ideas for things you could also do!

District Initiatives

We are hoping to implement a number of initiatives:

  • Cheer Me Up 100 Challenge - 100 silly and fun challenges created by one of our Cub Leaders. 
  • Badge Competition - To get our young people to design a badge for the Cheer Me Up 100 Challenge
  • Promoting The Great Indoors & National/International Events
  • Virtual Meetings; through the use of Online Scout Manager & Microsoft Teams. We are hoping to support its implementation through tutorials and support materials
  • Support and guidance on administration matters - such as subscriptions and DBS processing.
  • Supporting the implementation of other digital tools, such as Office 365 and Badges at Home.

Leaders at Home: Activities

Some activities for you to do at home! We will aim to keep these updated regularly!