Executive Members Training

Executive Committee Members are elected, nominated or co-opted on an annual basis. However, you only need to complete your training once!

Becoming an Executive Member

The first step after becoming an Executive Member is to become registered with both The Scout Association and Charity Commissioner. Speak to your secretary to organise this.

Step 2 is to complete a DBS (Disclosure and Barring check) with your Leader/Chair, or the nominated person they direct you to! For this, the person will check your I.D, and you will be asked to make a declaration regarding your past history.


Initially you will need to complete Module 1E, plus GDPR Training found here, which takes around an hour:

Essential information for executive committee members module

It is best to watch the guidance video before you begin, and save a screenshot or copy of your certificate of completion. (But ensure you enter your name at the start so you will be able to generate a certificate once you have completed)

To complete your GDPR Training, see the GDPR E-learning Module.

Once you have completed each module, please send the certificates to your Leader/Chair.


You then need to validate your learning for Module 1E, the following document has more information:

Module 1E Guide

This is usually completed by taking part in an Executive Committee Meeting. You will also need to discuss the ‘check your knowledge’ sections of the Module and discuss your understanding of the GDPR Module, with a ‘Training Adviser’.

Module 1E and GDPR training should be completed within 5 months of being appointed.