Module 1: Essential Information

Essential Information is a mandatory module for nearly all adults in Scouting. It is compulsory for all appointed adults who have unsupervised access to young people It provides you with the necessary skills and information to ensure that you do not put yourselves and others at risk due to lack of knowledge. As well as making adults aware of the purpose, principles and methods of Scouting, it covers the structures that are in place to support you in your role.


Completing Module 1

To complete Essential Information, you will need to complete learning, gathering evidence, to then validate this with a Training Adviser. Learning can either be done through e-learning, DVD or a course. Validation of the module can be done in a number of ways. Validation is normally completed through 3 tasks:

  1. e-learning certificate/discussion about DVD base learning
  2. Discuss our emergency procedures with your Training Advisor, and know where to find them
  3. Completing a risk assessment of the meeting place or activity.

A guide to validation tasks is included here.

Module 1 e-learning

The following links will take you to each section of Module 1: Essential Information so you can complete your learning online. Complete the self-test quiz at the end of the module, print the certificate and use this to help validate module 1. 


Please read the Guidance on Using E-learning before you begin. (PDF)

Module 1 Getting Started Course

 This module can be completed as part of a district or county run getting started course. Please contact your section or group leader for details, or book online.


Helpful Videos