The Great Indoors Weekender – July 2020

#TGIWeekender 11-12 July

From graduations to trips with friends, young people have missed out on all kinds of things this year. We think they deserve something really special – something for Scouts and non-Scouts, all around the globe – so we’re holding (cue big, boomy voice) The Great Indoors Weekender!

Join the UK’s biggest digital summer camp from your living room (or garden, anywhere at home – it’s up to you) on 11–12 July. With surprise celebrity guests, cooking, crafts, music and more, 6–18 year olds will get the chance to have fun while learning skills like giving stuff a go, thinking for themselves, and playing their part.

Get involved. Build a base camp (whether it’s a tent under the stars or a duvet dragged under the stairs), connect with us on a mobile, tablet, or computer, and you’re all set. There’ll be activities you can complete in your own time as well as live events, including a UK-wide campfire.

Worried about missing your favourite TV show or a Zoom quiz with friends? Don’t. Dip in and out of the weekend as much as you like.

If you’re a volunteer and would like to run an online session for your local group as part of The Great Indoors Weekender, you can also dip in and out of the programme, adding your own stuff.

The weekend’s completely free. Donations are (for obvious reasons) very welcome so we can keep helping young people gain #SkillsForLife.

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Hike to the Moon

On 23 April, BBC Children in Need and Comic Relief are getting together for their Big Day In on Radio and their Big Night In on TV, a massive fundraising special to celebrate the incredible people making a difference in communities across the UK and to support people who need it most during the corona crisis.

We want Scouts to go the extra mile too. Together, young people, volunteers, parents and carers are going to Hike to the Moon. If we all hike just one mile each – about 2,000 steps or 20 minutes walking on the spot – then together, we can complete the incredible 240,000 mile journey. To hit your one mile target, you can hike around your home or your garden (if you’ve got one) but please be safe and stick within government advice – you don’t need to leave your homes to be part of this. 

#CampAtHome – April 2020

Northumberland Scouts’ Present #CampAtHome
Calling all young people from across Northumberland, the UK, and the Wider World. COVID-19 may have changed the way we do things, but it won’t stop Scouts camping!
We’re organising a month-long Virtual Camp across April, from the 01/04-30/04/20.
Ending with an attempt to set the world record for the Largest Virtual Camp on 30/04/2020, when we’d like as many people as possible to participate. Let’s go for 1 Million #VirtualCampers!
Take up the challenge and let’s keep on #VirtuallyCamping, here are the “Rules”. We’re asking you all…… Hedgehogs, Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network, Guides, Cadets, Leaders, Parents, and all Young People interested in joining in the fun to:
– Pack a bag
– Build a den at home / pitch a tent in the garden/ hang up a hammock (whatever you can)
– Sleep in your shelter of choice
– Build a ‘campfire’ (real or virtual)
– Take part in a “Scouty activity”
– Help with cooking a meal
MOST IMPORTANTLY……. Each night you participate share a creative photo, video, blog, etc. to our social media with:
– Facebook: Northumberland Scouts
– Twitter: @NorthlandScouts
– Instagram: @Northumberland_Scouts
(Posted via parent’s if young people are under the minimum age to register for these sites)
Then share them with your leaders and friends to show that although we can’t meet “Face to Face” Scouting doesn’t stop!
Each Young Person who takes part will be entitled to 1 Night Away for each night they participate (as long as they aren’t sleeping in their bed). Meaning you could get up to an extra 30 Nights Away if you take on the challenge!
Everyone who participates will also get a Virtual Certificate for joining in, we will also be awarding special Virtual Certificates for those that manage the full month. Additionally, if you take part on 30/04/20 and we get enough participants you’ll be part of setting a world record!
We will also be releasing a badge, necker, and t-shirt that will be available to everyone who takes part.
Register your interest in taking part in the world record attempt now!

Jamboree on the internet SPECIAL EDITION 3rd-5th April

Today, young people in many countries are facing challenges in their local communities because of the spread of coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Schools have closed and Scouting activities have been put on hold.  

It is very important that all Scouts and young people stay safe by avoiding public spaces and crowded places, making sure to wash our hands regularly and following other good practices. But staying safe doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, do Scouting or make new friends! 

This special edition of JOTI is a safe space, connecting Scouts like you, from around the world at a time when many of us are at home, unable to attend school or Scouting activities. 

You can sign up for different activities throughout the weekend of 3rd April — from e-learning courses on health, well-being and online safety to learning about different cultures. You can play games and lead fun activities as well as doing what you can to support those in need. Let’s have each other’s back, support our friends, and make this world a little brighter. 

This is a special edition of our largest digital Jamboree, JOTA-JOTI, that takes place every year in October. You will still be able to enjoy JOTA-JOTI this October as usual. 

However, our special JOTI on 3-5 April, will allow you to connect with others, learn new skills, bring Scouting online, and build new friendships from the comfort of our homes during this challenging time, when we need each other the most.

As Scouts, we are resilient and we are always prepared, so together let’s turn this challenging time into an opportunity and connect millions of Scouts around the world in a safe space for all. 

Eden Scouts International Adventure: World Scout Jamboree

Two years ago, I joined a group of 80 scouts from across Cumbria to have the chance of a lifetime: to represent our county and the UK at the 24th World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, USA in the summer of 2019! To be offered a place, we had to attend a selection weekend at Great Tower Scout Adventure Centre where we had to demonstrate our skills through a range of activities whilst leaders observed. Out of the 80 that attended only 27 were selected and we joined 9 scouts from the Isle Of Man to form UK Contingent Unit 41 or the Woolly Bikers as we called ourselves.  

We spent 2 years fundraising by selling cakes on top of mountains, bag packing at supermarkets, holding ceilidhs or quiz nights, doing sponsored events like the sponsored abseil off Carlisle Civic Centre last year and a whole range of other things. The total amount we had to collectively raise was £120,000 and I’m very glad to say that we reached exactly that! 

So on the 20th of June we started our journey of a lifetime from Manchester airport to London Heathrow, from Heathrow to JFK, New York. As well as the actual jamboree, the UK contingent had organised a day of big city experience around New York before attending the jamboree at the Summit Bechtel National Campsite in West Virginia. Over 50,000 scouts gathered for one of the biggest events in World Scouting. We got to meet hundreds of different people of different countries, religions and cultures, try out a range of exciting activities, experience different cultures and attend the amazing opening and closing ceremonies put on by our American, Canadian and Mexican hosts! After the 12 day Jamboree, the Woolly Bikers travelled to Washington DC for another big city experience and a chance to watch a baseball game, organised by the UK contingent team. And for the final experience, we went to Toronto, Canada where we had a hosted hospitality from a Canadian Scout Group for a week who showed us around their hometown Mississauga, took us to see Niagara Falls, toured us around Toronto and even put on a BBQ for us! 

The whole event lasted 3 weeks and I have to say that those were the best 3 weeks of my entire life as I got to see, do, eat and try some amazing things. The memories, skills and lessons I have gained from this experience will benefit both me and other Cumbrian Scouts and stay with me forever! Not only did I gain a second family from the Woolly Bikers, but I also walked away from this journey with tons of other friends whose friendships will last forever. I really recommend that anyone who is ever offered an opportunity like mine should definitely take it as it is a one in a lifetime chance! 

Scout Epic Incident Hike

Last week the Scouts competed in our annual Incident Hike at Eycott Hill.

They had to deliver messages by semaphore across a valley, rescue a ‘mountain casualty’, build a structure to fly a flag and negotiated a ‘minefield’ and ‘electric fence’
Three teams consisting of a mix of scout groups,took part in a number of challenges.

Many thanks to all those involved in an epic hike!