Digital Tools

COVID-19 has led to an expansion of the digital tools on offer, to support adults in delivering Scouting in an easy, fun and flexible way. Below is a summary some those tools. We recommend using them as part of your programme. For example, you could run a session using one of the tools, give out half-term activities, or use them to as part of your Patrol Leader training - the possibilities are endless!

YouShape Resources

Support to deliver youth-shaped Scouting digitally

Digital YouShape Support pack


Delivering the programme over Zoom can be hard work, so we’ve put together videos to help.

Zoom Booking Form

Use this form to book Zoom sessions in the 'Eden Zoom Rooms'.




Digital Scouts: Online Platform Information

A comparison of the various digital platforms that exist, along with safety and safeguarding considerations.

Virtual programme support webinars

A great series of webinars/video recordings about how you can provide Scouting at Home.

Online Safety & Safeguarding

When Scouting is done in any form, including online, it is important to ensure we keep our young people safe. We have summarised the guidance here.

Microsoft Teams Support

Learn how to use Microsoft Teams with your section!

Microsoft Office 365 Support

Learn more about the benefits of Office 365 for Non-profits!

Microsoft Kaizala

A secure messaging app, much like WhatsApp, but allows you to keep your number private Use it to communicate with parents or others from across the District. Just ask the DC for the codes to join the district groups!

Online Scout Manager

Online Scout Manager Support

Get to know the Programmes at Home, and Badges at Home Features