This week, we are completing some requirements of the Disability Awareness Badge (Cubs) and World Challenge (Scouts).  We will be thinking particularly about physical disabilities.


  • Print off the attached worksheets
  • You will each need coloured pens / pencils and paper.

How to participate

This can be done as a family!

Activity 1

Draw a picture of your favourite animal, person or place.  Hold them up so everyone can see. Chat about what everyone has drawn.

Next… on a new piece of paper, draw the same picture, without using your hands! Usually, we could choose to use our mouth or our feet for this, but to prevent the spread of germs at the moment, I suggest feet are safer.

Now compare your hand drawing with your foot drawing. Share them with everyone else.

Talk/Think about how it was more difficult to use feet to draw a picture, because we are all used to doing that with our hands.  Discuss/Write down what else we do with our hands in daily life. What would be difficult to achieve if our hands didn’t work well?

Activity 2

The second activity is a scavenger hunt. Work out the anagrams on the list and then find the correct objects around your home.

These are all objects that we use with our hands.

Ten, thinking about alternative ways to use these items – if we couldn’t use our hands. Write down or share some ideas.

Age Range: Cubs, Scouts

Time to Complete:         30 mins

Badge Requirements:   Disability Awareness Badge