Wildlife Warriors

Courtesy of Somerset Scouts & Kathryn Brant from Avon

Now we are all spending a lot more time at home, and the weather is improving, it is the perfect time to become Wildlife Warriors! This pack includes lots of activities that each section can do.

These activities will help work towards the Outdoors Challenge, World Challenge, Naturalist badge, Animal Carer, Gardener, Environmental Conservation and Forester badges. There is a checklist at the end so young people and parents can see how much they have done towards each badge.

Get your young people to record what they have done – maybe through photos to share with you via your group social media or Zoom session?

The Great Hogwarts Escape

Created by St. Michaels Scouts (16th Wyre)

They created this escape room experience during the Covid-19 lockdown in the UK as part of our virtual meetings. It proved a great hit with both the scouts and their families so they have decided to release it to the wider scouting community to play.

You can either play a solo game or you can play a team game where a group of people can play together in separate locations. During a team game each person can explore the rooms independently but items found are synchronised between all players.

To play a team game you will need a host who will set up and control the game. The host should ideally have played the game in advance so can offer hints if needed.

Play the Escape Room: https://www.saintmichaelsscouts.org.uk/escape/

Doing Your Best

This activity gets you thinking about how you fulfill the Scout Promise to do you best:

– Each young person draws a picture of themselves in the middle of a piece of paper
– They fold the paper in half and open it out again
– One one side of themselves they write down ways in which they do their best
– On the other side they write down ways in which they could try to do their best over the next week on a part of their body
– They take their picture home and as they complete one of their planned actions they colour that part of the body
– The following week they can bring their pictures back and talk about some of the things they have achieved.

Skills Challenge Badge – Being Healthy

To work towards this badge – we will be doing the following a few activities.

  1. Try out 2 new sports:
  • Join in with P.E with Joe Wick, 9am Mon-Fri LIVE on Youtube for 2 days in a row. You can also watch the previous PE sessions there too: https://www.youtube.com/user/thebodycoach1
  1. Take part in some activities to help you to be healthy:
  • Take you pulse before and after you do PE: Learn why and how it changes
  • Use the healthy eating plate to help prepare a balanced dinner for you and your family – send us your leaders a photo.

VE Day Bunting

Record what you have been up to for VE Day, by creating some bunting!

Print out the attached template or make your own A4 size if cant use the  template

Decorate the template and let us know how they have celebrated the day, by writing in the centre of the template in clear letters, what activity they have done.

Send it to your leaders – they can then display it/ share it with others.

Artist Badge

Make a poster advertising Scouting. Your poster should be exciting and include everything you love about being a Cub Scout. Think about all the adventures you’ve been on and all the skills that you have gained whilst being in Scouting.

Why notinclude some activities that you would like to do, but might not have done yet. Your poster can be drawn using a pencil, brush, pen or crayon or you can use a computer.

Countryside code & Scavenger Hunt

Courtesy of 2nd Penrith Cubs


  • Download and Print the countryside code, quiz and scavenger hunt sheet.


  • Look through the countryside code leaflet, and make a poster to encourage others to follow it.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt on one of you daily exercise walks – see how many you can find! You compete with your siblings or compare what you found with another cub (remotely)
  • Get your parents to quiz you on the countryside code to see how much you have learnt!

Age Range:                       Beavers, cubs

Time to Complete:         45-60mins

Badge Requirements: Our World, Naturalist

Easter Activities

Kindly borrowed from Somerset Scouts

The school holidays are going to be very different this year and will probably not feel very joyful or festive for most people.

If you are planning to have a (very well earned) break from your online / virtual / video Scouting over the coming fortnight, we have some ideas for activities that you could send to parents / members to keep them interested, busy and engaged at home.

We are suggesting that:

  • They could start to make a ‘Time Capsule’, with their family, documenting their Covid-19 lockdown experiences. We have supplied a framework to get them started.
  • They could complete their My Faith or World Faith badge at home

Documents to support both these activities can be downloaded below.

Disability Awareness

This week, we are completing some requirements of the Disability Awareness Badge (Cubs) and World Challenge (Scouts).  We will be thinking particularly about physical disabilities.


  • Print off the attached worksheets
  • You will each need coloured pens / pencils and paper.

How to participate

This can be done as a family!

Activity 1

Draw a picture of your favourite animal, person or place.  Hold them up so everyone can see. Chat about what everyone has drawn.

Next… on a new piece of paper, draw the same picture, without using your hands! Usually, we could choose to use our mouth or our feet for this, but to prevent the spread of germs at the moment, I suggest feet are safer.

Now compare your hand drawing with your foot drawing. Share them with everyone else.

Talk/Think about how it was more difficult to use feet to draw a picture, because we are all used to doing that with our hands.  Discuss/Write down what else we do with our hands in daily life. What would be difficult to achieve if our hands didn’t work well?

Activity 2

The second activity is a scavenger hunt. Work out the anagrams on the list and then find the correct objects around your home.

These are all objects that we use with our hands.

Ten, thinking about alternative ways to use these items – if we couldn’t use our hands. Write down or share some ideas.

Age Range: Cubs, Scouts

Time to Complete:         30 mins

Badge Requirements:   Disability Awareness Badge